Reunion 2013 is a special year for many of us.  It's hard to believe that 50 years have passed since most of us marched off the parade square at RMC!  What a great opportunity for us to gather once again to exchange stories and renew old friendships.  What is listed below is based on information that your webmaster has received to date.  New information will be added as it becomes available. 

For a detailed version of the final Op Order, click here.

26 18:00 Legacy Dinner, Yeo Hall $200/person, black tie (see Note #1)
27 14:15 Obstacle Course Campus
27 16:00 Coin Presentation Volunteers needed (see Note #2)
27 18:00 Class Party Fort Frontenac, details to follow (Note #3)
27 0:800 Club & Foundation AGM Curry Hall
28 09:45 Badging Parade Parade Square, 6 volunteers needed (Note #2)
28 12:00 Lunch Dining Hall & New Gym Through Panet House
28 13:30 Wall of Honour Ceremony Ted Davie & Dennis Apedaile co-ordinate for our class
28 14:30 Class Photo Wall of Honour (to be confirmed)
28 18:00 Old Brigade Dinner $75/$85 each; Sheraton Four Points hotel (Note #3)
29 09:00 Church Service Currie Hall
29 10:15 Form up for March to Arch Parade Square
29 11:30 Class farewell gathering and lunch Barry Winfield's home in Gananoque (Note #3)
29 12:00 Old Brigade Lunch $25/$30 each, Senior Staff  Mess (Note #4)

Note #1:  All tickets & reservations are available from Panet House (1-888-386-3762, or 613-541-6850). 
Barry Winfield is co-ordinating class seating for this dinner, so please let him know your intentions (note #3).
Questions: call Tom Gee 250-495-7803, or email <>, or Mike Morres 250-592-8897, or email <>. 

Note #2:  Contact Gerry Stowe (adjutant Old Brigade).  For details, click here. Mike Morres has sent him a list of class volunteers. 

Note #3: Barry Winfield is co-ordinating for our class, so please let him know of your intentions via email
More details to follow when available. 

Note #4:  This alternative is available to those members who wish to get away early and will not be joining us at Barry's home in Gananoque. 

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