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Class Executive

President: Mike Morres,
Vice President: vacant
Secretary: Tom Gee,
Treasurer: Jacques Duval (et redacteur pour l'information en francais),
Endowment Fund Chair: Peter Watson,
Membership Chair: Dave Wall,
and Bernie Laliberte,
Class Historian and Listmaster: Rob Gray,
Reunion 2018 Coordinator: TBD

Webmaster: Ted King,
Tenebris Email Reflector: Ted King
(Original Webmaster: Mike Patriarche)

Class News

Information regarding our reunion and entry into the old brigade can be accessed directly from the home page. 

The official update for the Wall of Honour may be found on the RMC web site in either   RMC English site  or    RMC francais.

Class Web Site

This web site is being updated using newer web technologies

--updated 23 February 2018