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Royal Roads Class of 1961 Granite Paver Stone Project

During the RRU 2010 Homecoming weekend the first ever granite paving stones were unveiled at the Memorial Plaza site that surrounds the Naval Mast in front of the vice-commandant's house.

While participating in this inaugural ceremony Scott Clements conceived of a meaningful way to recognize our entire group of 1961 Royal Roads graduates and seized the initiative.  Looking ahead to the September 2011 RRU alumni Homecoming weekend Scott initiated a dialogue with University officials and the Military Heritage Committee to reserve adequate space in the Memorial Plaza to place at least 64 granite markers identifying each graduate of the CSC Royal Roads Class of 1961.  Please see the attached PDF documents; Paver Poster & RRU MHF Paver.

Since then, principals from our Class Committee have discussed funding options with RMC Foundation officials, and with the fervent support of the RRU Military Heritage Fund, have successfully forged the necessary link between these two philanthropic agencies to enable our Class donation to be recognized under CRA's charitable donation guidelines.  Dennis Apedaile can provide definitive information regarding the tax implications of an individual Paver purchase as well as larger donations to the project.  Scott has started off the fund raising for this project with a very generous lead donation which may cover at least the many who are no longer with us, as well as some who will not be able to, or prefer not to sign up with a donation.

The rest is up to us – each granite paver requires a $200 donation; but with Scott's benevolence plus others who have already pledged their support we are well on the way to funding granite paving stones recognizing our 64 that graduated in 1961.  But why stop there? Why not recognize every one of our mates that arrived at Royal Roads that eventful Fall day in 1959 – all 130 +. We have their names and College numbers; all we require is a bit more money.  If not immediately, then perhaps over the next couple of years.

While it will be a meaningful to recognize the "65 for 61 that Dr. Cook was so fond of commenting to us during our final year we Roadents need to decide as soon as possible whether to move forward and to reserve adequate space in the plaza surrounding the Mast to properly recognize all 124 ROTP candidates that arrived at CSC Royal Roads in August 1959.  What says all y'all.

Click here for Paver Stone Order Form which can be completed and mailed in to the Vancouver Island Excadet Club at 4363 Emily Carr Dr., Victoria BC V8X 5E3.  Otherwise, your donations can be sent either directly to RRU, or if for more than one stone, through the RMC Foundation at Kingston (Jennifer Jordan   Both should clearly identify the purpose of the donation.  Contact either Dave Lett or Scott Clements at their email addresses to get any further info.